International cargo transportation

We work diligently to deliver goods quickly, with quality and on time. Responsibility, flexible process management, adherence to agreements and vehicles and systems that meet the latest safety requirements are what earn us the trust of our customers. The directions of transportation services include all of Western and Central Europe, Scandinavia, the Baltic countries and local transportation routes. Thanks to our transportation solutions, your cargo will be delivered on time and reliably where it is needed.

Truck and commercial transport service

We provide professional heavy vehicle repair and maintenance services. We repair all brands of buses, commercial and cargo vehicles, trailers and semi-trailers. Our team only consists of professionals who know their work well. Professional equipment and tools are used. Optimum problem solving and timely and high-quality work is ensured.

Jumbo international cargo transportation

In order to ensure the needs of our customers, we added to the fleet new road-trains that meet the Euro 6 emission standard - we are environmentally friendly. The new XLS system is installed in trailers - easy and quick service, roof lifting and sliding function, vertical fastening boards close together and ensure safe transport of compact unpackaged bulky loads.

Inspection of analog, digital and smart tachographs

The equipment used in the Tachograph Workshop is VDO Workshop Tab II Basic